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Signed Copy of 'The Power Brewing Within Her'

Signed Copy of 'The Power Brewing Within Her'

You’ve already read about The Magic Stolen From Him, and now it’s time to discover The Power Brewing Within Her.

After the war ended, Liara expected everything to return to normal, so when she wakes up alone and far from home she knows something must be amiss. Confused and seemingly alone, darkness begins to swirl inside her, fueled by the despair of being betrayed by the one she loves most. Suddenly alone, she faces an inner battle with both her emotions and raging powers. The once calming certainty that came from the mate bond now dissolved into an empty void, she begins to feel too much, or nothing at all.

Reznor will do anything to protect Liara. She is his lover, his wife, his mate, and his Queen. When her life is in mortal danger, he does the one thing he knows she will hate him for. He sends her away. As time passes and their bond strains, his wolf is closer to the surface than ever before. His mind is at war with his beast and only one thing will calm him.

Bringing her home.

It’s not safe for the Nightlighter to return as there is danger lurking at every corner. Unknown forces working against the kingdom of Nightsend. Black magic is devastating the lands, and ancient beasts have begun to roam once more. These nightmares haunt the lands as Reznor struggles to regain control and contain the damage, but he cannot do it alone.

The attacks keep coming, and the bond continues to stray as Liara fights their connection, unable to forgive Reznor’s betrayal even at the expense of the kingdom.

Desire and danger are a deadly combination

But who is more deadly, a murderous creature, or a vengeful Nighlighter whose powers have burst free? Will Liara give in to the darkness and sacrifice everything she has gained in the past year? Or will she be able to make amends and gain control over The Power Brewing Within Her?

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    Purchase a signed copy with custom personalization. Include what'd you like it to say in the order.  Total price includes shipping.

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